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Made of non-toxic materials and 100% safe for pets, our Dog Bowl is the most stylish accessory for every home. Made of 100% BPA free epoxywith a wooden exterior (yup, real wood,) this bowl was thoughtfully designed for the meticulous dog owners who want to ensure there are no harmful additives. It is 100% safe and 100% trendy!


  • Keeps water cold and fresh for hours
  • 176mm (diameter) x 78mm (height)
  • Holdsup to 32oz of water.
  • One of a kind design
  • Non- slip dog bowl
  • Non- tip dog bowl


Made from Non Toxic Material Our dog food bowl is BPA-free and made from food-gradeepoxy
100% Safe for Pets Our dog dishes ensure that no harmful chemicals can seep into your dog’s food
The exterior of our doggy & puppy feeding bowls are made of real wood so you can be assured that it will last long.


  • Clean with mild dish soap
  • Do notputin dishwashing machine

First Edition Original Style,Silver Paw Fall2020Collection

Designed With Love in Canada

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