Marshmallow Dangler Cat Toy


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Introducing the MARSHMALLOW DANGLER, the purr-fect toy for your feline friend! This dangle stick features a fluffy marshmallow plush toy that is sure to spark your cat’s curiosity and provide hours of entertainment.

The marshmallow can be inserted on top of the dangle stick for a fun “roasting by the fire” look, making it a unique and interactive play experience for your cat. The marshmallow is loaded with features that trigger your cat’s different senses.

It has feathers, strings, and bells that will entice your cat to play and pounce. The bungie cord links the dangler and the plush toy together, providing an added layer of excitement and fun for your cat.

This toy is the perfect way to provide your cat with exercise and mental stimulation, helping to keep them healthy and happy.

The marshmallow plush toy is also great for snuggling and cuddling, making it the ideal companion for your furry friend.


  • Dangler: 20″
  • Size:2” x8.5
  • Feathers


  • Polyester

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